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  Tappaya Sit Or  

Tappaya Sit Or began muay thai at 6 years of age. He had his first fight 6 months later and fell in love with the sport. He trained along side his older brother Yokthai Sit Or and older nephew Ramba Somdet Sit Or at the Sit Or camp in Pattaya. At the top of his game Tappaya was a regular fighter on Channel 7 every Sunday afternoon. Tappaya was a Rajadamnern Champion for 3 straight years, Channel 7 Champion and WMC World Champion. He has faught numerious times in Japan and also in England. The photos below show a successful career.  He retired from fighting 5 years ago and had a dream one day to open his own gym. That day came in late 2009 when he opened his own gym Sor Klinmee. At present he has 15 thai students which includes two Champions, Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee and Fasai Sor Klinmee. He has alot of young students who are making big waves already in the Thai Boxing scene.
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